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As the Person responsible for the aforementioned work, I declare that:
1. I received consent to represent the other authors regarding the above article.
2. All authors are aware that they are co-authors of the above work, contributed to it and agree to the publication in the form of a traditional edition, as well as the online edition of Open Access and the transfer of copyrights.
3. Each Author agrees to resign from the fee, now and in the future.
4. The first author acknowledge and agree that will receive 1 (in words: one) copy of the journal. The copy will be sent to the address of the person submitting the declaration.
5. The work has not been published anywhere and is the original output of the Authors or a review of the subject matter elaborated by the authors in person.
6. No part of the work violates the rights of third parties, in particular the rights of the authors of the cited works. No part of the work is copied from another work published in print or from studies available on the Internet.
7. The authors bear full and exclusive responsibility for infringing the copyrights of third parties.
8. The authors have the consent of the relevant bodies of their Employer to present the results of clinical work and results of research.
9. The authors retain the right to present outside the material presented at work, provided the source is acknowledged.

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